Submit a Part D claim to MedicareBlue Rx

Sometimes when you get a prescription drug, you may need to pay the full cost right away. Other times, you may find that you paid more than expected under the coverage rules of the plan. In either case, you can ask MedicareBlue Rx to pay you back by submitting a claim.

How to submit your claim

To submit a claim, send your request for payment (claim form) and your payment receipt. Please make a copy of your receipt for your records before you send the original.

If you need to be reimbursed for a compound drug or vaccine, please submit the Medicare Part D prescription claims form along with the corresponding compound or vaccine claim form below for faster processing.

Download the following forms:

Mail completed claim form and receipts to the CVS Caremark address on the form

If your claim is approved, you will be paid within 30 days after your request is received. You must submit your claim within 36 months (3 years) of the date you received the service, item or prescription drug.

If you need a paper copy of the claim form mailed to you, call CVS Caremark.

1-866-412-5393 (TTY: 711)
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Learn more about the claims process

Read chapter 5 in your Evidence of Coverage to learn more about the MedicareBlue Rx claims process and what other information we may need to process your request.

CVS Caremark Part D Services is an independent company providing pharmacy benefit management services.