MedicareBlue Rx pharmacy network information

Get the most out of your prescription drug coverage by using a pharmacy that’s in the nationwide MedicareBlue Rx network. All members can save on their prescriptions by using a network pharmacy that offers preferred cost sharing. We sometimes call these locations preferred pharmacies.

Find a network pharmacy near you

The CVS Specialty Pharmacy focuses on long-term treatment of chronically ill patients where treatment often involves high-cost or complex drugs.

You can order a printed copy of the pharmacy directory online, or by calling customer service.

About our pharmacy network

MedicareBlue Rx is supported by CVS Caremark. Once you're enrolled, you’ll have access to a nationwide network of pharmacies that include major chains and neighborhood pharmacies. You may go to any of our network pharmacies; however, you may save on your prescriptions when you use a preferred pharmacy.

CVS Caremark Part D Services is an independent company providing pharmacy benefit management services.