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About drug coverage stages

There are four drug coverage stages for the MedicareBlue Rx Standard plan and three coverage stages for the MedicareBlue Rx Premier plan. How much you pay for your prescriptions depends on which of the stages you're in. The amount you pay for your monthly premium does not count toward your drug coverage stage.

Stage 1
Annual deductible stage
Stage 2
Initial coverage stage
Stage 3
Coverage gap stage 
Stage 4
Catastrophic coverage stage

During this stage, you pay the full cost of your prescriptions until you meet your annual deductible. If your plan has a $0 deductible for certain tiers, coverage begins immediately (see stage 2).

This stage begins after you reach your annual deductible. During this stage, you pay a copayment or coinsurance for your prescriptions until you reach the initial coverage limit ($4,130 in 2021).

This stage begins when you've reached $4,130 in 2021 in prescription costs. During this stage, you pay a portion of the drug costs and MedicareBlue Rx pays the other portion. During this stage, MedicareBlue Rx will pay most of the cost of your prescriptions for the rest of the calendar year. You reach this stage when you have paid $6,550 for 2021 in out-of-pocket prescription costs.

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