MedicareBlue Rx 2019

Call Center Agents

Call center agents must obtain enrollment consent and permission to record the enrollment.

  • Can you please confirm that the purpose of your telephone call today is to enroll in MedicareBlue Rx, a Medicare prescription drug plan?
  • The enrollment process will take about 10 to 15 minutes.
    • You’ll need to have your Medicare card available so that we can verify some information.
      At any time during this call, you may stop the enrollment process without obligation.
      All information that you provide to us is private and strictly confidential.
      Per Medicare guidelines this enrollment will be recorded.
  • Do you give your permission to record this enrollment?
  • Please be aware we can only enroll one person at a time.
  • Do you have any questions before we go on?


A few quick tips before enrolling...

Other options

  • If you have problems enrolling online you can also:
    • Complete and mail in a paper enrollment form
    • Enroll by phone by calling 1-866-434-2037 TTY hearing impaired users call 711 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., daily, Central and Mountain Times. You have the option to speak with a licensed sales representative when you call this number.
    • Contact your local sales representative for assistance.

Note: Do not disenroll from any other drug plan you may have until you receive approval from MedicareBlue Rx.