Group prescription drug plans with nationwide coverage

Blue Cross and Blue Shield has been helping employer and union groups with Medicare solutions for decades. Our group plans are available to employer and union groups that are headquartered in Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota or Wyoming, but your retirees can live anywhere within the U.S.

Group MedicareBlue Rx is available as a stand-alone solution or it can be offered as an add-on to retiree medical coverage. We offer:

  • Fully insured plans that limit liability and risk exposure
  • Flexible payment opportunities to help manage costs
  • Five standard benefit designs
  • Access to a nationwide pharmacy network
  • Choices to offer a stand-alone plan or complementary coverage
  • Coverage for supplemental drugs that aren't covered by Medicare

Learn more about Group MedicareBlue Rx

Find out what Group MedicareBlue Rx can do for you and your retirees. Talk with your authorized agent or the licensed Blue Cross and Blue Shield sales representative in your state.

State Contact
Iowa Lynn Tague
(515) 376-4376
Minnesota Lori Hart
(612) 662-9507
Montana Rhonda Nordahl
(406) 437-6317
Nebraska Joni Olds
(402) 871-8885
North Dakota Chris Kulesa
(701) 282-1805
South Dakota Lynn Tague
(515) 376-4376
Wyoming Lee Shannon
(800) 851-2227